Friday, October 1, 2010

DFA 2: Skip Demo

DFA 2: Skip Demo from Joseph Merideth on Vimeo.

Below is the Rough test I finished up this morning...I added a few inbetweens and retimed some of the ending bit because I felt like he fell too slowly so, as always, consider how it "feels"...don't try to convince yourself that it feels a certain way, because that means you'll have to EXPLAIN to everyone how you meant it to feel...try your best to get it to feel how you MEAN it to feel. that means that you'll go through a series of adjustments, you may throw away some drawings, you may retime some drawings, you may need to adjust parts of drawings, but police yourselves, ask others how they perceive what you've done, but remember it's information-you can use it however you need to or not at all but at least you'll have someone else's fresh eyes on it.

Below is a reminder that anything you can do to have masses delayed is what you're NOT feel that you have to emulate the poses I did...My character is tending to lean forward throughout but you may decide to have your character a bit more upright or think about what kind of character you're working with, what kind of attitude your character has, the quality of the jump-is the character really heavy or bouncy...that's going to affect your approach...try to feel the action, the stresses as the character pushes off, offsetting how the feet go up and come're looking for strong lines of action, changes in the line of action, strong sense of delay...Keep the shapes simple and do NOT add details until the base of the action is working...and HAVE FUN...exaggerate for goodness sake!!!

happy animating!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sack Boat Wave Rough Pass

On 2's...Some things I would probably go in and finesse...the splashes and junk I didn't really work out-just throwing something in here and there but the main concept of delayed action on the cup and Sacky is there...Happy Animating!!!

SackBoatWave rough pass from Joseph Merideth on Vimeo.

Friday, September 17, 2010

SackBoatWave pt 1: The Wave Cycle

SackBoatWave Demo pt1 from Joseph Merideth on Vimeo.

I will do my best to get the cut and sacky posed out...In the meantime go ahead and get the wave on 1's and 2's and feeling good...if you can start to plan out the boat and sacky...make sure you bring everything to class next week to work'll be a studio day so you won't have to listen to me talk forever...

Below are a couple examples of other Projects so you get an idear for what I'm hoping to get out of you.

Happy Animating!!!